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Merseybeat lp
Friday, 15 December 2006
3rd LPis now available! NEW Merseybeat!!!
Mood:  energetic

















New album by Frank Lee Sprague is all new/original/Merseybeat/Christmas songs!


Beginning in 1963, the Beatles recorded an annual Christmas record for their fans, but they never released an entire album of Christmas songs, nor did any other Liverpool or British Invasion group.  With Merry Merseybeat Christmas, Frank Lee Sprague makes up for lost time with a cornucopia of self-penned, harmony-filled gems.  From start to finish, the album brims with shimmering melodies and richly textured singing, a heartfelt tribute to both Christmas and the well-loved Merseybeat sound, a style Frank mastered on his popular, widely acclaimed albums, Merseybeat and Cavern.


Creative inspiration comes in many forms, sometimes striking with the lightning speed of a southbound express train.  That’s what happened to Frank Lee Sprague when song after song came to him until, incredibly, within only one day he had composed a stocking-full of Christmas songs.


Merry Merseybeat Christmas begins with “She Gave Me Loneliness for Christmas,” a lament for lost love.  The song features a haunting melody threaded with mournful harmonica.  But we don’t stay in that groove for long.  With the mid-tempo title song, “Merry Merseybeat Christmas,” Frank sings that “love is still the word,” and we hear in his music a paean to both Christmas and the music he cherishes.


Imagine the Beatles on stage for hours and hours at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany.  It’s Christmas and they miss home and family.  “Rock on, lads,” roars John, launching into Frank’s “Christmas Time,” bringing yuletide cheer and high spirits to lonely fans and fellow Beatles alike. 


As is true with any Frank Lee Sprague album, Merry Merseybeat Christmas includes a generous helping of beautiful ballads.  There’s the upbeat,” My Love Will Grow,” with its winsome melody and surprising key changes.  “Fall in Love on Christmas” is a moving, spiritual commentary about love in a special time of year.  Picture a young Brian Wilson sitting in with Tottenham’s Dave Clark Five and listen to the wistful and yearning, “Don’t Cry on Christmas.”


Merry Merseybeat Christmas ebbs and flows with the grace of a symphony, eventually reaching its zenith with three remarkable songs.  “Peace on Earth” is a stunning Lennonesque rocker, warning us against war and hate while telling the story of Christ’s birth, in homage to “peace on earth, good will to men.”  Spiritual and tender, “The Third Day” infuses an ethereal glow to its unusual and highly effective vocal arrangement.  The song reminds us that there is far greater meaning to Christmas than tinsel, ornaments and colorful packages.  No Frank Lee Sprague album would be complete without a top 40 hit sound melody, and “Christmas Carol” fills the bill.  The memorable guitar line, the warm, Beatles ‘65 sound, and the sunny lyrics send us home feeling we’ve truly had a Merry Merseybeat Christmas.


Known for his unparalleled ability to synthesize authentic rock ‘n’ roll styles into his own West Texas imprint, Frank Lee Sprague’s work has wowed reviewers in Rolling Stone, Playboy, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and many other magazines and newspapers.  He has appeared on CBS nationwide television and National Public Radio, and performed live around the world, including several successful tours of Japan.  Over the last few years, this charismatic songwriter and musician has recorded and released the critically acclaimed albums, Merseybeat, Cavern, and Fulton Avenue, while also revered by fans for his long-time work as leader of the fabulous rock ‘n’ roll duo, the Sprague Brothers. 




Posted by merseybeatlp at 5:46 PM GMT
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Sunday, 1 October 2006
New MERSEYBEAT LP is a'comin'!

Coming in November:

The 3rd all new/original MERSEYBEAT LP from Frank Lee Sprague!!!

Check back for details.......

Posted by merseybeatlp at 7:04 AM BST
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Tuesday, 20 June 2006
New review of CAVERN
While you're enjoying the new DVD "Merseybeat Live!"and partyin' with the new Frank Lee Sprague CD single "She's Good" be sure and check out the newest, bestest review of Frank's LP "CAVERN"!

Suss it out here!

"Perhaps it was the most untimely demise of original dreamer Freddie Garrity. But did I really neglect to mention when last we took the virtual Ferry cross the Mersey that none other than Frank Lee Sprague yes, he the still-taller half of those supremely rooty-rockin Sprague Brothers (not to mention an authentic cousin of The Man Who Invented Sixties Music Himself, I kid you not!!) -- has been very busy indeed on the side, helping keep the meaty, big and bouncy spirit of the M-Beat alive and very thriving here in Century 21?

I hardly wouldve believed it possible myself UNTIL, that is, I heard for my own a deceptively, disarmingly charmful little disc called Cavern, and on it some of the best, most magnificently melodic p-o-p this side of your fave rave Searchers EP of yore.

And also, here I felt I was the only lad left on the block who thought a certain P. McCartney wrote many of his best songs EVER for..... Peter and Gordon. But Frank Lee too has obviously been listening lots to I Dont Want To See You Again, as well as to some of the more rough n tumblest circa-62 cellar sounds this side of The Big Three. When not channeling a certain Jane Asher as muse, that is.

Alas, the dank, sweaty, musty, subterraneanly homesick aura of those magic long-gone days and particularly nights beat again right there deep down in Frank Lee Spragues very own Cavern.

Meet you there soon?"

Gary Pig Gold, June 2006

Posted by merseybeatlp at 7:42 PM BST
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Friday, 16 June 2006
Merseybeat Live!
The all new live concert DVD "Merseybeat Live!" is now available at and on the store page! Snog on.

Posted by merseybeatlp at 7:10 PM BST
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Tuesday, 7 February 2006

The Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour is on the air!!!
Starting Feb 8th at 12:00 Noon EST and then every Wednesday at the same time Frank hosts an hour of rock'n'roll radio! Party on.

The show can be heard by connecting to the stream for Alan Haber's Pure Pop on Live365:

The Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour!

Posted by merseybeatlp at 10:21 PM GMT
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Friday, 3 February 2006
New Merseybeat in ULTRAPHONIC Mono!
Mood:  loud
Both LP's from the master of Merseybeat are now available on 1 CD "Merseybeat Mono". Completely remixed and remastered in ULTRAPHONIC mono by Frank Lee Sprague! Snog it till ya drop it! Check out this new mono CD on

Posted by merseybeatlp at 11:12 PM GMT
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Tuesday, 24 January 2006
Get yer Merseybeat here!

Posted by merseybeatlp at 12:51 AM GMT
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Saturday, 21 January 2006
Mood:  chatty
Listen to both Merseybeat LP's on Wichita Falls Records new PODCAST!!!

Listen to the podcast here!

Posted by merseybeatlp at 5:44 PM GMT
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Thursday, 19 January 2006
Another Top Ten!
Mood:  lucky
Frank's Merseybeat LP makes Gary "Pig" Gold's Top Ten list!

Here's the review:

While the still-crazed-after-all-these-years specter of a monochromed Freddie Garrity shaving with his hand mic whilst leaping across “The Ed Sullivan Show” may to this day strike terror in the minds of ethno-musicologists the world over, West Texan Frank Lee – yes, the taller of those root-rockin’ Sprague Brothers – now makes it more than safe to once again bust out the 12-string acoustic, slip into a black turtleneck and fade each original upon a Vox-drenched sixth chord. In fact, these here dozen songs (or is it fifteen?) (or even sixteen?!) run gear gamuts across the Beau Brummels and Peter and Gordon, between long lost Swinging Blue Jeans and Searchers extended-plays while, vocally of course, bridging that seldom-heard gap between Buddy Holly and The Hollies. Elsewhere, none other than Doug Fieger regains his knack by adding “can’t stay”s to “Can’t Stay,” “Without You, I Do” combines, and then BETTERS those last three or four Squeeze albums at least, The Plimsouls make Billy J. Kramer sing “Like The Break Of Day” and, to nearly end it all, “Our Love Is Real” catches Micky Dolenz beneath the bleachers at a vintage Isley Brothers soundcheck. In other words? Until those powers that be get round to releasing each and every “With The Beatles” out-take, demo, rehearsal and tune-up session, consider Frank Lee’s “Merseybeat” the unquestioningly fabbest of them all …until FLS next enters his “Cavern,” that is.

Posted by merseybeatlp at 12:47 AM GMT
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Tuesday, 17 January 2006
Newest Merseybeat LP by Frank Lee Sprague moves into Top Ten on downloads!
Mood:  celebratory

"In My Life" ~ Allison Crowe
Format: | Date Added: 01/21/05 | Hear 30 second sample
Avg. Customer Rating:
From the CD: Tidings


"The Girl Who Stole The Eiffel Tower" ~ The Deathray Davies
Format: | Date Added: 07/21/03 | Hear 30 second sample
From the CD: Midnight At The Black Nail Polish Factory


"Visits To You" ~ Anthony Rapp
Format: | Date Added: 12/04/01 | Hear 30 second sample
Avg. Customer Rating:
From the CD: Look Around


"Miss You" ~ Sweep
Format: | Date Added: 11/03/03 | Hear 30 second sample
Avg. Customer Rating:
From the CD: Two Players


"Sugarfree" ~ Sugarplum Fairies
Format: | Date Added: 10/10/03 | Hear 30 second sample
Avg. Customer Rating:
From the CD: Introspective Raincoat Student Music


"St. Monday (Live)" ~ Billy Bragg and The Blokes
Format: | Date Added: 04/01/02 | Hear 30 second sample
Avg. Customer Rating:
From the CD: England, Half English [Enhanced]


"The Party's Over" ~ Paranoids
Format: | Date Added: 08/04/04 | Hear 30 second sample
Avg. Customer Rating:
From the CD: The Party's Over


"Lie" ~ Arco
Format: | Date Added: 07/28/04 | Hear 30 second sample
Avg. Customer Rating:
From the CD: Transparency


"She Lied" ~ Frank Lee Sprague
Format: | Date Added: 12/16/05 | Hear 30 second sample
From the CD: Cavern


"Blind" ~ Ambulance
Format: | Date Added: 01/24/02 | Hear 30 second sample
From the CD: Natural

Posted by merseybeatlp at 4:44 PM GMT
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